Martin's father

A photograph of Martin's father, seen in Full Sequence.

"Maybe he is connecting the pain that a centipede inflicts with the pain inflicted on him through years of psychological and sexual abuse by his father."
Dr. Sebring to Mrs. Lomax[src]

The unnamed father of Martin Lomax was married to Mrs. Lomax and imprisoned for child abuse at the time of The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence). He could be heard in audio flashbacks that appeared in the film. He was voiced by Laurence R. Harvey.[1]


The unnamed father lived at home with his loving wife decades prior to the events of Full Sequence, where he mentally and sexually abused his son, Martin Lomax. The authorities were eventually notified and the father was imprisoned, where he remained throughout the entirety of Full Sequence.

In the years following the arrest, Mrs. Lomax continued abusing Martin as punishment for having his father imprisoned. She had planned on murdering Martin and then herself, but failed to do so. Martin looked up to his favourite fictional character, Josef Heiter, as a father figure. When Mrs. Lomax found and destroyed Martin's Human Centipede scrapbook, he snapped and brutally murdered her.[2]


  • Laurence R. Harvey, who provided the voice of the father, also portrays Martin Lomax in Full Sequence and Dwight Butler in The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence).
  • The photograph of Martin's father, seen in Full Sequence, was photo-shopped by writer/director Tom Six with a combination of faces from real life pedophiles.[3]