Kranz enters Heiter's residence in First Sequence.

Kranz was a German police detective and one of the two investigators that interrogated Josef Heiter for suspicious circumstances in The Human Centipede (First Sequence). Kranz was portrayed by actor Andreas Leupold.


Kranz was a police detective in Germany and the partner of Detective Voller. When two American tourists, Lindsay and Jenny, were reported missing, Kranz and Voller investigated the situation. The detectives discovered the tourists' discarded car and received a report from a witness claiming to have heard screaming near the residence of retired surgeon Josef Heiter.

Kranz and Voller went to Heiter's home, where they began asking him if he knew anything about the whereabouts of the tourists. The detectives soon grew suspicious when Heiter reacted questionably toward the detectives. Kranz and Voller left Heiter's house and returned after acquiring a search warrant. The two detectives searched the house. While investigating, Kranz stumbled across the two tourists, who were unwillingly sewn onto a human centipede.

Upon the discovery, Kranz heard gunshots coming from another room. Kranz rushed to the room but was shot several times by a pistol-wielding Josef Heiter. Kranz shot Heiter in the head, killing him. Kranz died from his own injuries shortly after.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

When interrogating Josef Heiter, Kranz did so in a calm, cold tone of voice. When attempting to menace Heiter, Kranz showed little emotion, save for a single instance where he lost his temper and knocked a glass of water out of Heiter's hands. During his interrogation of Josef Heiter, Kranz mostly spoke softly, yet in an accusing manner. Between him and his partner, Kranz did all of the talking during their encounter with Heiter.