Kim was one of Martin Lomax's victims in The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence). She was at the "tail" end of his centipede creation and the tenth person in the row. She was played by Emma Lock.


While arguing with her boyfriend Ian after being locked out her dad's car in a car park, they are approached by the unstable car park attendant Martin. He begins to stare at Kim, causing Ian to shout and insult Martin, which in turn prompts Martin to shoot both Ian and Kim with his handgun, knocking them unconscious before tying them up with duct tape and being loaded into Martin's van.

Kim was used as part of Martin's human centipede (which, as a whole, was made up of ten people) and was held at a warehouse. She was put at the end of his centipede. Martin was sexually aroused by Kim, and he proceeded to anally rape her with barbed wire wrapped round his penis, causing real distress to her. In the climax of the film, Martin began executing each member of the centipede with his gun when they attempted to escape. Kim was shot in the back of the head by Martin and killed.[1]