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The Human Centipede (First Sequence)
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Protrayed by

Ashlynn Yennie



Jenny is one of the three victims in The Human Centipede (First Sequence). She is the rear or "tail" of the human centipede and is potrayed by Ashlynn Yennie.


Jenny and her friend Lindsay traveled to Germany on a roadtrip across Europe to a local nightclub called "Bunker". However, she and Lindsay became lost in the middle of forest when their car got a flat tire since Jenny was unsure of where the nightclub was. Being lost in the forest at night, Jenny quickly lost her temper and began to complain. Upon discovering the house of Doctor Josef Heiter, like Lindsay she was awkward around the doctor though foolishly accepting a glass of water, dosed with the date rape drug. She drank it, and fell unconscious moments before Lindsay.

Waking up tied to a bed in a makeshift ward in the doctor's basement, Jenny and Lindsay yelled and screamed at Heiter which were heard by his neighbours. After the doctor explained his surgery, she was dosed unconscious after a new Japanese captive, Katsuro was. Lindsay, who tired to escape, took an unconscious Jenny out of her bed and dragged her out of the house though failed to get her to safety when the doctor tranquilized Lindsay. He then preformed the surgey and placed Jenny at the rear of his human centipede, with her mouth surgically attached to Lindsay's anus who's mouth was surgically attached to Katsuro's anus at the front. Juest like Lindsy, Jenny spent most of her time in the centipede crying and moaning, though also holding Lindsay's hand to remind her that she was there. After only a short number of days in the centipede, Jenny quikly became sick and progressively weaker which was extremely visable from her pale skin. When Heiter checked up on her, he diagnosed that she a had an infection and was to die soon, only for her to be replaced afterward. When the human centipede tried to escape the cluthes of the doctor's house, Jenny was barely consentrating after they climbed up the stairs which was a big challenge for her as she had two bodies weighed on her and her stitches were being pulled because of it. Before they could enter the doctor's room, both Lindsay and Katsuro had to pull her as she was barely able to move. In Heiter's room, after Katsuro killed himself and the detective Kranz found the centipede, Jenny succumbs to her infection and dies while Lindsay hopelessly holds her hand and cries.


Ashlynn Yennie returned in the sequel The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) playing herself.