Inmate 178 is a prisoner at George H.W. Bush State Prison in The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence). He is portrayed by Tommy Lister.


At the beginning of the film, Bill Boss is called to deal with Inmate 178 when he stabs a guard. As punishment, Bill sets Inmate 178 down and breaks his right arm to the point that his bone protrudes from his flesh (chosen specifically because it's his "masturbation arm"). Bill later catches up with Inmate 178 for a "follow-up" and injures his now-plastered arm once more.

When Bill Boss announces his plan to transform the prison population into a human prison centipede, Inmate 178 leads a group of revolting inmates into Bill's office for revenge. While the other prisoners work on breaking down Bill's door to the his office, Inmate 178 focuses his attention on the Warden's assistant Daisy. As she pleads for her life, he responds by strangling and striking her into a bloody coma. The special forces team soon come to the rescue.

Nevertheless, his personal attack on Bill doesn't bother him in the slightest. Inmate 178 is placed at the head of the centipede where he is fed hamburgers. Bill then orders that he be made into a "middle piece" for whining.[1]