"First of all, Mr. Six, I'd like to say congradulations on your movies. They've become a cultural meme. I mean there's the South Park episode, the Human Centipad, and then there's the LA porn parody and the cat toys..."
Dwight Butler to Tom Six[src]

Due to its disturbing content and unique concept, The Human Centipede series has gained a cult following. Search queries for The Human Centipede picked up around the same time that movie clips were posted in September 2009. It peaked in May 2010 when it received a wider release. Centipede merchandise was made around this time.


The most known parody is the South Park episode called “HUMANCENTiPAD”, which aired on April 27, 2011 and features an iPad-like device that can only be used by people attached anus to mouth.

Other parodies include fan made videos on Youtube, one which had One-Direction linked together and a Nayn-cat Centipede.

Merchandise and MemesEdit

Many fans of The Human Centipede have made their own centipede items and have sold them online. One of the first instances of this was a Human Centipede cat toy
Human centipede g5

Different selection of products.


Other items also include Human Centipede birthday cakes, ornaments for Christmas trees, a Human Centipede scarf, a beanie, necklaces, figurines, and hand sewn plushies. Many of these are sold online.

The Human Centipede has also made its way into many internet memes and jokes. The phrase "FEED HER!" has become a common quote as well as "You are the middle piece!" The films have also been crossed with popular memes, such as Paranoid Parrot and Bad Luck Brian, and have their own entry page on

A Valentines card.

Fan art and Fan fictionEdit

Many people have made fan art of  The Human Centipede series and have upload tributes to DeviantART. Most of these are drawings of characters from the films or putting different characters in the same situation. Fan fiction also has been effected by the film. Fan has a Human Centipede category and has many fan fiction based on and around the characters mostly from First Sequence.