Doctor Jones
"I'll put you in charge of the operation, Doctor. Soon you'll lead surgical teams all over the States."
Bill Boss to Dr. Jones[src]

Doctor Jones was the head of the medical team at George H.W. Bush State Prison in The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence). Jones was portrayed in the film by actor Clayton Rohner.


Prior to the events of Final Sequence, Jones had his medical license revoked for reasons unknown. Because of this, George H.W. Bush Prison warden Bill Boss was the only person willing to hire Jones in his medical profession. Dr. Jones' job primarily involved preforming health checks on Bill Boss and looking after injured staff and inmates (many of whom were injured by Boss himself). Boss' cruel, unrelenting nature and his inability to accept his poor health often made it difficult for Dr. Jones to do his job as Boss' harsh behaviour tended to be the source of medical intervention being needed.

Dr. Jones was brought into Boss' office to talk to Tom Six (whose Human Centipede films were greatly liked by Dr. Jones) about creating a human prison centipede. Dr. Jones gave his professional opinion and confirmed that the creation of a human centipede is possible. Despite his ethical obligations, Dr. Jones hesitantly agreed to lead the mass operation as he would lose his job if he didn't cooperate. As an extra incentive, Bill said that Jones would soon lead surgical teams across the country. Dr. Jones was later shot and killed by Boss, who was outraged that Governor Hughes denounced the human centipede.[1]


The façade of Dr. Jones is often that of a timid, unsociable person. Jones seems to have somewhat of a moral compass. However, his morality can be swayed by his own selfishness. For ethical reasons, Jones was initially reluctant to participate in the creation of the human centipede, but quickly changed his mind after the promise of a promotion and the threat of losing his job. Jones was even shown to be looking forward to creating further centipedes in prisons across the United States, as part of the promotion. Additionally, Jones was willing to lie to Bill Boss about his poor medical state after Boss demanded favourable news about his well-being.

Jones showed a strong unwillingness to murder his patients upon Bill Boss' request, making it clear that he would continue to cooperate with Boss to keep his job, but he will not murder. Jones' medical license was revoked sometime before the events of Final Sequence, but the reason for that remains ambiguous.

Jones is also a fan of the previous Human Centipede films, The Human Centipede (First Sequence) and The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence).