"I didn't get your ass hole of a father out of prison for nothing!"
Bill Boss to Daisy[src]

Daisy is the secretary of Bill Boss in The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence).


Daisy works at George H.W. Bush State Prison as Bill Boss' secretary and de-facto sex toy where she is subject to constant verbal and sexual abuse. Examples of Boss' mistreatment of Daisy include threatening her while forcefully sticking his finger in her vagina for speaking out of turn, making her use her attractiveness to lure Governor Hughes into touching her so that they can sue him for sexual harassment, constantly belittling her, making her give him oral sex and letting her eat a piece of dried clitoris without her knowledge. It is revealed that Boss had gotten Daisy's father out of prison on the condition she work for him and regularly give him sexual favors.

When the inmates attack Boss' office after being told about the human prison centipede, Daisy is trapped in her room after Boss pushes her out from his office, leaving her vulnerable to the inmates. Daisy is confronted by Inmate 178 and pleads with him. He responds by brutally beating her into a coma.

Boss is not bothered by Daisy's attack and when Dwight Butler begs him to transfer her to a regular hospital, Boss rapes her beaten and unconscious body as she lays on her hospital bed, finding her state arousing.

Daisy is later added to the human prison centipede. Boss is surprised by this, justifying her inclusion in the centipede to Governor Hughes as a gender experiment.[1]


  • She is the only female character to appear in Final Sequence besides Ilona Six, who makes a cameo.
  • She is portrayed by actress and former porn star Bree Olsen.
  • Daisy, like Dwight and Dr. Jones, is a fan of the previous Human Centipede movies.