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Blitzkrieg Distribution is a distribution label created by Dutch filmmaker and Human Centipede creator Tom Six. Founded in 2016, Blitzkrieg Distribution is the official distributor of the Human Centipede franchise[1] and a frequent collaborator with Six Entertainment Company, a company founded by Tom Six and film producer Ilona Six.


Due to the controversy surrounding Tom Six's films, particularly the Human Centipede series, film distributers were often reluctant to distribute them. For this reason, Tom Six started his own distribution label called Blitzkrieg Distribution. The new distribution label was announced in February 2016.[2] In March 2016, Blitzkrieg Distribution and Six Entertainment Company released What the F**k on DVD, a re-cut version of Tom Six's earlier Dutch-language film I Love Dries, intended for English speaking audiences.[3][4] In May 2016, Blitzkrieg Distribution and Six Entertainment Company released The Human Centipede (Complete Sequence) - The Movie Centipede on Blu-Ray,[5] dubbed as the definitive version of the Human Centipede series "100% Tom Six Approved."[6]



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